Kunkel Ambulance provides Halloween costume safety tips for families

Halloween is just around the corner. Before families select the perfect disguise for their little ones, Kunkel Ambulance shares costume safety tips to help ensure all of the scary stuff is all in fun.

Each year, more than 85 percent of families plan to celebrate Halloween by dressing in festive attire. In 2015, parents spent an average of $95 per household on costumes and accessories. However, 40 percent of parents unknowingly allowed one or more unsafe items to be part of their child’s costume, including masks, long or loose clothing and sharp objects, according to safekids.org.

“Halloween is an exciting event for all ages,” said Randy Sutherland, director of operations for Kunkel Ambulance. “Dressing up is a big part of the fun, but it also can leave children more vulnerable to injury. Costume safety, especially when trick-or-treating, is crucial for a safe holiday.”

Kunkel Ambulance offers these Halloween costume safety guidelines:

• Consider that children will be in almost constant motion. If they cannot move well in the costume, it may be too bulky or have too many accessories. Adjust the costume as needed.
• Masks, hoods and hats often make a costume complete but make safe choices. Try on accessories beforehand to ensure your child can see and breathe well.
• All costumes should be brightly colored so as to easily be seen by motorists. Adding reflective tape to the front and back of a costume is a recommended safety feature.
• Give your child glow sticks and a lightweight flashlight. These not only make them visible to motorists, but also aid in navigation through neighborhoods.
• Avoid the use of sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes because of tripping hazard. Tennis shoes are best for trick-or-treating.
• Check the tag to ensure your child’s costume is flame-resistant.
• Ensure all Halloween makeup is nontoxic and remove it before bedtime to prevent skin irritation.
• Put a sticker or some other form of identification with your name and phone number on your child in case you get separated.

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